SmartFren Andromax G2 QWERTY User Manual Pdf

SmartFren Andromax G2 QWERTY User Manual Pdf

SmartFren Andromax G2 QWERTY User Manual Pdf

SmartFren Andromax G2 QWERTY User Manual Pdf is not available yet

Although the mobile phone with touch screen is currently the most popular models and dominate the market, but it was not a few users who actually want the presence of a physical keyboard on their smartphone, especially for smartphones based on Android. As if trying to answer this need, Smartfren finally introduced Andromax Qwerty smartphone through Smartfren Andromax G2 Touch QWERTY. 

Name Smartfren latest smartphone is indeed quite long. Regardless, this smartphone comes with a physical keyboard that provides comfort users who are unfamiliar with the touch screen. Because this smartphone brings the Android operating system, this new smartphone is also still equipped with touch screen technology. 

Andromax G2 Touch QWERTY Smartphone is included in the product line Andromax G are prepared to target consumers in the entry level segment. With these market segments, it is not surprising that the specifications offered by the latest smartphones is quite normal.

Not much different from Smartfren Andromax G2, G2 smartphone QWERTY version is priced at Rp 999 thousand. This price is Rp 100 thousand more expensive than regular G2 Andromax. This smartphone is available in 3 colors namely white, black, and red 

Spur the kitchen sector, Smartfren Andromax G2 Touch QWERTY equipped with a dual-core Snapdragon processor which has a maximum speed of up to 1.2 GHz. RAM memory offered in the new smartphone is also less qualified because it is still only limited to 512 MB 

To meet their storage needs, Andromax G2 Touch has also been equipped with an internal memory that is not too large with a capacity of 4 GB. If still not, the user can expand the memory because this smartphone has also been equipped with a micro SD slot 

Camera embedded sector also quite pretty with dual camera. The camera on the rear or main camera Andromax G2 Touch offers a resolution of 5 MP. The main camera is also equipped with flash and autofocus features. While the front camera on this smartphone which is used to take pictures and video call selfie has a resolution of 1.3 mp 

Because this smartphone comes with a physical keyboard, consequently the size of the screen on the Touch G2 QWERTY Andromax was then trimmed so that only to 3.5 inches. Sukotjo Purwokardjono as Division Head of Product Development Smartfren say that this is done so that the dimensions of Andromax G2 Touch QWERTY smartphone is still proportional