Review & Specs iPhone 6.1, Apple Began Testing User Manual Pdf

Review & Specs iPhone 6, Apple Began Testing User Manual Pdf - A new report from the site gizmochina suggests that Apple will change their cycle of a period of 1 year to 6 months, it is intended to compete with the giant vendors such as Google and Samsung. This means that users can have the next-generation iPhone in June 2013. Brian reported, "One of our developers shows that Apple has been testing the components related to Iphone 6.1 that is supported by devices running Ios 7. Apple plans to release it this summer."
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ALTHOUGH the presence of Iphone 5 is still fairly warm in the gadget lover, Apple is known to have started testing the next iPhone the iPhone series 6, according to Matt Brian from The Next Web.

Meanwhile, among the developer, the Iphone is currently making the rounds is known as the 'iPhone 5.1' and 'iPhone 5.2'. Therefore, Apple seems ready to test the hardware (hardware) products.

Over the last two years, Apple has released a new iPhone in the fall. Even more detailed rumors that Apple plans to release the next iPhone will be realized in June or July 2013.

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