Nokia Lumia 500 User Guide Pdf

Nokia Lumia 500 User Guide Pdf - Both are equipped with a screen that is 3.2 inches ukrannya same but the resolution of the Nokia 500 is greater with 360 x 640 pixels while the Galaxy Gio only 320 x 480 pixels, which is pretty much the difference this will impact on the density of the screen and the screen brightness so arguably Nokia 500 will clearer than the Galaxy Gio. Fortunate to have both capacitive type so no need to use stylus to access menus in it. And because the body Galaxy Gio over to the side widens the screen Galaxy Gio impressed 'wider'. Moreover, most people prefer models that are not too elongated screen down.
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Nokia 500 and Galaxy Gio offers a similar model which is the model of bars with a touch screen is quite wide. Galaxy Gio thinner because of the thickness of 12.2 mm and 14.1 mm Nokia 500, Nokia 500 but the body is more slender and Gio looked over to the side widens. Own weight both not far adrift, but the Nokia 500 is lighter. Galaxy Gio surface of the body as a whole in the form of plastics, as well as the Nokia 500, but the material forming the Nokia 500 looks more solid.

To surf the virtual world they have diserai dengann qualified features ranging from class data network GPRS, EDGE up to 3G. Even Nokia 500 outperformed its competitors by providing a means of HSUPA. For its WiFi Galaxy Gio already supports WiFi Hotspot, but Nokia should use a third-party application to do the same thing using JoikuSpot application. Meanwhile, for the connection between the two devices have Bluetooth and microUSB data cable.

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