LG Spirit 4G User Manual Pdf

LG Spirit 4G User Manual Pdf - Speed. This factor zips! it's a one.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm flower S4 processor underneath the hood. Yeah, that's 0.3 gigahertz slower than the one.5GHz contribute the Galaxy S III, however the as a result of the Spirit contains a lower resolution screen, it's fewer pixels to traumatize, therefore it's really quicker in most things.
LG Spirit 4G User Manual Pdf
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There's little lag once flipping around screens or gap apps, and games contend nice and swimmingly. sadly, it's launching with a rather superannuated version of golem (Ice Cream Sandwich aka golem four.0.4) and it's a really ugly and unintuitive skin from LG on prime of it. The screen might not be the sharpest out there, however it's masses bright for victimisation outdoors.

It's a terribly mid-range trying phone. The screen, whereas good, isn't HD. the rear and sides area unit a unsmooth plastic that does not precisely scream "quality." That same, it's light, not very thick, and cozy to carry. The removable back-panel reveals a small American state card slot for increasing your storage, and a swappable battery.

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