Motorola Moto X User Manual Pdf

Motorola Moto X User Manual Pdf - Motorola has revealed Moto X will soon be released in a print advertisement published in a number of media in the United States. wqzxc Leaks on the sophistication of the first Motorola smartphone after Google bought even more widely circulated.
Motorola Moto X User Manual Pdf
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One of the leaks even in the form of video, which seemed to be made by Rogers, a Canadian mobile operator. Reporting from the pages of The Verge, Monday (07/15/2013), wqzxc the leaked video was first revealed Ausdroid page. In the video that revealed the sophistication of Moto X are very responsive to the voice-based commands. Thus, users can optimize voice commands for various functions in Moto X.

Just by saying "Ok Google Now", then the Moto X will receive voice-based commands. wqzxc The same way as in the Google Glass. In the ad, Moto X described by Rogers: "Moto X belongs to you ready to hear and respond".

In the ad also explained about the "active updates". wqzxc This is a feature that gives rise to a notification on the screen when the phone is in 'sleep' or sleep mode. Typically, this notification only appears in the flame of the lamp, which is of course difficult to sensitize users.

In addition, Moto X also allows users to use the camera. By tapping the screen anywhere, then the photo will be taken of the straight. wqzxc So no need to press the dedicated shutter button on the touch screen. Unfortunately the video is uploaded on the YouTube page has been changed and is now in a private situation. Thus it is no longer ad can be seen on YouTube, and can only be seen by the account holder.

Source : theverge

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