Nokia EOS User Manual Pdf

Nokia EOS User Manual Pdf - The latest news coming back from the often rumored Nokia smartphone, Nokia EOS. wqzxc Smartphones are reportedly carrying 41MP camera with PureView technology has a code name Elvis.
Nokia EOS User Manual Pdf
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Quoted from TechRadar, Saturday (06/08/2013), a recent report revealed that wqzxc Nokia will be strengthened EOS quad core processor and is planned for release this year through AT & T. WP Central site claims to get the latest information from people who have seen the smartphone.

According to WP Central, Nokia EOS with PureView has 32GB of storage, 720p OLED screen, FM radio feature, and a polycarbonate body. wqzxc In addition, the smartphone also features a camera and Xenon flash has two versions, namely resolution and 5MP to 35MP photos you want to share to the internet.

Nokia EOS Elvis also reported to have the application Pro Camera with manual focus and a number of other photographic functions. wqzxc Another feature is the "flip-to-silence", which allows the user directs telephone calls to voicemail by turning the phone. WPCentral confirms AT & T will not be the only carrier that will support Nokia EOS, but is likely to be the first operator.

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