Samsung Ativ Q User Manual Pdf

Samsung Ativ Q User Manual Pdf - Combining the Windows operating system with Android in one device may sound like cats mating with dogs. wqzxc However, that's what happens on the Samsung Ativ Q introduced in London on Thursday (06/20/2013). Ultrabook devices 2-in-1 or it can serve as a convertible tablet notebook at the same time, as well as a hybrid that uses two different operating systems.
Samsung Ativ Q User Manual Pdf
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Reviews and Feature Samsung Ativ Q
Samsung's Senior Product Planning Manager Robert Agon said that Ativ Q is the first computer that combines Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2 in one package. wqzxc  "They can go together, do not need to turn off the one to turn to another," said Agon.

The presence of multiple operating systems on one device allows users to share files (share) of Windows OS to Android and vice versa. wqzxc Uniquely, this can be done without having to shut down one operating system. Enough to attract and paste (drag and drop) files directly concerned in each screen operating system.

Substitution Android and Windows interface can be done easily. wqzxc Because, when the screen is in the look of Android, it will appear on the right side of the Windows symbol, which with one click will change the look into Windows. And vice versa.

Samsung Ativ Q also features a technology called SideSync. wqzxc Through this technology, the device can be connected to a smartphone with an extraordinary way. Using wi-fi, we can display the virtual screen in the smartphone screen so Ativ Q-file transfer between two devices can be done by drag and drop.

For example, if we want to move the text from the notebook to the phone, just to copy text from a notebook screen, wqzxc then drawn and pasted (paste) to the phone screen. Ter-copy any file to your phone. Through SideSync technology, users can also use keyboard or mouse to the notebook screen phone. Even the cursor can "float" on the notebook screen to display phone and vice versa.

The use of this facility as well as allow users to back up data from a smartphone into a notebook. Could even charging the phone in the same time. wqzxc Samsung Ativ Q basically consists of three parts. The first part is the screen, the second is the keyboard, and the third is the liaison between the screen and keyboard of "board" in which elongated embedded Intel Haswell.

In terms of the utilization of its flexibility, Ativ Q can be used in four modes. wqzxc First as a tablet, where the screen can be reversed and combined with the keyboard. Both as a notebook, while diberdirikan screen facing the keyboard.

Floating in the third mode, when the screen is raised level with the keyboard. wqzxc And fourth in Stand mode, where the display faced forward, if the user wants to show to the screen in front of him With a weight of 1.29 kg and 13.9 mm thick, Q Ativ comfortable enough to use as a tablet. Its 13.3-inch screen provides a clear display with 275 pixels per inch sharpness.

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