HTC One X User Guide manual Pdf

HTC One X User Guide manual Pdf - Manufacturer HTC introduces its flagship Android smartphone, One X, in February 2012. wqzxc One product X then freshened into One X + (Plus) in October 2012. Both of these products are identical. But make no mistake, there is a difference of hardware specifications on One X +.
HTC One X User Guide manual Pdf
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As of January 2013, One X + is still the most reliable products HTC updates thanks to 3 components. wqzxc Is this specification update makes One X + X is better than One? Let's consider the following KompasTekno review.

Faster processor

The first update is located on the processor. HTC One X + still uses quad-core processors are the same as the previous generation, the Nvidia Tegra 3. The difference, wqzxc One X + processor with a speed of 1.7 GHz, while the HTC X carries a 1.5GHz speed.

There is no lag, and smooth. One X + feels more hurried than One X, although the difference between the two is not significant teralu. wqzxc However, from experience KompasTekno, One X + heat faster than the One X, especially when used to play games weight class.

Graphics processing units use the same ULP GeForce 2. In addition to high resolution, the graphics processing unit performance is very good. wqzxc  Not only ideal for multimedia activities, such as surfing the Internet or watching HD video, but also to play games.

One advantage if an Android smart phone using Tegra 3 processor, is support from game developers for the processor on this one. wqzxc Support or optimization, among others, allows the Tegra 3 display graphical effects that are richer than other processors.

Technically, Ultra High settings in Dead Trigger can only be run on a smart phone with a System on Chip (SoC) in Tegra, wqzxc because this game is designed to fib Nvidia processor. This is why the Galaxy S III, Dead Trigger refused to run on a higher setting of "High". As information, the Galaxy S III use Exynos processor made ​​by Samsung.

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