LG G2 User Guide Manual Pdf

LG G2 User Guide Manual Pdf - Twenty people were injured, with seven of them were taken to the hospital due to an incident in a race at a wqzxc promotional event for LG G2 smartphone in Seoul, South Korea.
LG G2 User Guide Manual Pdf
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LG has canceled a series of promotional activities for smart phones was the aftermath of the incident that occurred last Friday, according to the BBC in a report Tuesday. wqzxc People come up with a BB gun and a knife in berproyektil stick inside the race taking the smartphone voucher depends on helium balloons.

LG was responsible for the incident and said it would bear all medical expenses of the victim. LG Electronics deeply regrets the injury of a wqzxc number of participants in the race for outdoor promotional events in Soul, LG said in a statement.

LG confirmed that seven participants were hospitalized although no one was seriously injured. Company responsible for the unfortunate situation. LG is investigating wqzxc the incident to ensure similar incidents do not recur in future mobile datang.Produsen said that other activities planned had to be canceled due to safety concerns.

LG release the 100 helium balloons, each of which carry a free voucher smartphone - called G - in the event that took place at an outdoor park in the South Korean capital. wqzxc Smartphone's are being promoted, which sold for 950,000 Korean won ($ 851; £ 550), will be given free to people who have a voucher.

Of the participants came up with a BB gun (pellet gun with projectiles called BB) to shoot down the balloons and they stormed to the wqzxc front when the balloons are released. LG Mobile G2 was released in New York last week after weeks of appearing in social media. The handset is expected to be available in the global market in the coming weeks.

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