Nokia 106 and 107 User Guide Manual Pdf

Nokia 106 and 107 User Guide Manual Pdf - Nokia may be still struggling to regain our position as the premium handset market. But in the realm of feature phone, wqzxc the Finnish vendor still has power. To reinforce his position, Nokia also introduced two series of mobile phones in the form of the Nokia 106 starters and 107 Dual SIM.
Nokia 106 and 107 User Guide Manual Pdf
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The devices are carrying candy bar model with a 1.8-inch enhanced TFT display 65K colors, running the Series 30 platform and supports quad band network.

Both are also equipped with an FM radio, LED flashligh, dimensions of 112.9mm x 47.5mm x 14.9 mm, and has anti-dust feature. wqzxc Then what is the difference between the two? As the name implies, the Nokia 107 Dual SIM has two card slots for cellular service. This handset also also heavier, reaching 75.8 grams because it has a larger battery - 1020 mAh - which is able to survive 36 days in stand-by condition.

While the Nokia 106 only paired with a 800 mAh battery. Even so, no less classy durability, can be on stand-by for 35 days. As it weighs only 74.2 grams.

In addition, the Dual SIM Nokia 107 also comes with a microSD slot that can be filled with a capacity of 16 GB. wqzxc Nokia claims users can store 3,000 songs on it as well as play music for 34.8 hours non-stop. So how much is it? Well, this is the most interesting. As reported by GSM Arena, Thursday (08/22/2013), both devices are priced at pocket friendly, only Rp 200 thousand.

Precisely, the Nokia 106 is pegged to USD 23 (about USD 240 thousand) while the Nokia USD 25 (about USD 260 thousand). wqzxc But somehow if it is in Indonesia, because the tax is different in each country. Nokia 106 and 107 Dual SIM plan will begin to be released September 2013. China finished first market, only then spread to other countries.

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