LG Nexus 5 User Guide Manual Pdf

LG Nexus 5 User Guide Manual Pdf

Recently has revealed the two latest flagship device models without formal notice, which reportedly has received WiFi certification, the LG-D820_S and LG-D820_C.
LG Nexus 5 User Guide Manual Pdf
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Given two models both carry the model number LG-D820 which is actually touted as the model number or the upcoming fifth-generation Nexus which is also known as the Google / LG Nexus 5 is based on previous leaks, it is likely that the two models are not other devices is Google / LG Nexus 5.

Although the details of the database information WiFi certification confirms that both models have the same devices based on the Android operating system, but unfortunately still not known what is contained mean difference of where the suffix "_S" and "_c" on both existing models.

LG-LG-D820_C D820_S and estimated as the LG Nexus with 5 different variants. And just assumptions, the existence of differences in the suffix "_S" and "_c" on both models that there is likely to be based on LTE and HSPA + support, or different memory options.

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