NIKON Camera D80 User Manual Pdf

NIKON Camera D80 User Manual Pdf

Only fifteen months later Nikon revealed the D70s which wqzxc was basically the same camera with a some subtle tweaks ( improved AF , wider flash coverage , higher capacity battery , larger LCD monitor ) . And more than fifteen months from the D70s Nikon present the latest incarnation of their SLR line ' enthusiasts ' digital , the ten megapixel D80.

Slot D50 D80 between entry-level and semi - professional / professional D200 , wqzxc clearly based on the D70 design but also different enough to be seen as an entirely new model . It features a ten megapixel DX format CCD ( the same we presume as used by Sony in the DSLR - A100 ) , the metering sensor from the D50 and numerous other items taken or modified from the D200 .

UPDATE 18/Dec/06 : In our review of the original error wqzxc was made in the measurement of the ISO sensitivity of the Canon EOS 400D as used for comparison , this has now been corrected and updated pages releveant this review .

The main feature

10.2 megapixel DX format CCD ( 1.5x FOV crop )
Image processing engine ( similar to D200 / D2X )
3D Color Matrix Metering II , 420 pixel sensor ( same as D50 )
11 area AF system ( new version of Multi - CAM 1000 , similar to the D200 )
Custom Auto ISO ( ISO selected maximum , minimum shutter speed )
Configurable high ISO and long exposure noise reduction
Mechanical only shutter ( maximum 1/4000 second , flash sync up to 1/200 sec )
Quoted 80 ms shutter lag ( short viewfinder blackout , 160 ms )
Larger, brighter pentaprism viewfinder ( x0.94 magnification )
Support for SD - HC ( SD cards over 2 GB capacity )
In - camera retouching
D - Lighting ( shadow / highlight enhancement)
Red-eye reduction
Filter effects
small picture
image overlay
Multiple - exposure
Compact body ( smaller , lighter than D70/D70s )
Improved menu user interface ( same as D200 )
Higher capacity EN - EL3e battery ( provides detailed information , same as D200 )
Wireless flash integration ( same as D200 )